Jack The Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer wallpaper pack



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Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men, adapts the classic and fantastic children’s story, 'Jack and the Beanstalk' for an adult audience.

'Jack the Giant Slayer' is about an ancient war between human and giants that reaches its end when, quite by accident, a young farmer named Jack opens a door that leads to their world, they then return to earth after several centuries to reclaim what they had lost.

Things get complicated when the princess is kidnapped and young Jack leads a battle to try and rescue her. Coming face to face with one of these giant warriors was once a thing of legends, now Jack has the chance to become a legend.

If you want to have the battle scenes between Jack and the giants, or a giants’ horrible face, as your wallpaper then you'll want o have this pack of five incredible wallpapers that'll leave you wanting more.
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